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URSU9 mineral water 500ml

URSU9 mineral water 500ml

Categories: Carbonated Soft Drinks

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Discover the Exceptional Purity of URSU9 Natural Mineral Water 

URSU9 natural mineral water is renowned for its exceptional purity, sourced to ensure stable and enduring water properties, guarded against external contaminants from human activity or chemicals.

Featuring low mineralization at 427 mg/l, this water boasts extraordinary lightness and a subtly sweet taste, all presented in one of the most beautiful PET bottles.

PH=9: Balancing Body Acidity

With a pH level of 9, URSU9 is high alkalinity water, providing a way to rebalance the body's acidity, promoting natural vitality and well-being. The pH scale measures acidity or alkalinity on a scale from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral, values below 7 considered acidic, and values above 7 deemed alkaline.

Bear Story: Fonte d'Oso Heritage

Fonte d'Oso, situated in northwestern Spain, holds a rich natural mineral water source in a rolling mountain area. Historically, this area was home to bears that frequented the crystal-clear water source. Over 400 years ago, human settlements led to the bears' decline. Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize winner, immortalized these legends in "For Whom the Bell Tolls," capturing the essence of the region.

Inspired by these tales, URSU9 pays homage to the bears with its name.

Packaging Variants: Elegance in Every Bottle

Available in a case of 6 elegant 550 ml plastic bottles, URSU9 water stands as a symbol of purity and a connection to the natural world. Choose URSU9 for an unparalleled mineral water experience.

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