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Shipping Terms

Shipping Terms


Our clients have the choice to choose between the below means of shipment, However the means on shipment might increase the cost of good based on the cost of shipment. This will however depend on the negotiations and clients order


We offer a speedy air freight delivery for chosen products according to customer’s specification and desires. With this mode of transportation being the fastest, it is also considered the most expensive of all..


Marine shipping is a normal port to port on 20, 40 feet container shopment process. With a Standard delivery process from 12 to 20 days depending on destination port. We also offer a special Express premium Port to Port that takes less than 15 days


Truck / Inland Delivery is an EU – based shipping procedure , Applicable to EU countries and some non EU countries around the European Union states.. This delivery is handled via road – trucks and normally takes a maximum of 7days.

All shipping documentations are scanned and emailed to buyers immediately upon shipment departure while originals are executed via DHL or FEDEX Express delivery respectively

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