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Cane Sugar

Cane Sugar

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What is  Cane Sugar

Sugar cane is a sweet substance extracted from sugar cane. After extraction, cane sugar crystallizes giving rise to a color that goes from blond to brown, due to certain pigments present in the cane. To become white, brown cane sugar is melted and cleared of dyes in a refinery, without chemical modification. Only the white cane sugar can be called “refined”. Brown cane sugar is made from 95 % to 98 % sugar (sucrose), while white cane sugar (after refining) contains more than 99.7 % sucrose. The rest consists of traces of water, minerals and organic matters.

In terms of nutritional content, brown sugar contains forty times more minerals than beet sugar and about twenty times more minerals than refined cane sugar.

The extraction of cane sugar process is identical to that of sugar beet, except the first stage where the sugar cane juice is extracted by crushing, while the beet is extracted by diffusion. Upon entering into a machine, the canes are cut into small pieces and then pressed and crushed in several mills. Separated from the bagasse (crushed sugar cane), the cane juice obtained contains 80-85 % water, 10-20 % sugar and 0.7 to 3 % of organic and inorganic compounds.

The syrup obtained after the wringing and crystallization is also called “mother liquor”, it is loaded with sugar. It then undergoes a new cooking and giving new sugar which is more colorful and less pure. Then the rest of the syrup is reintroduced into a new cycle to give a last portion of sugar which is usually brown and full of impurities (brown sugar), and a final viscous and colorful syrup called molasses.

We supply high quality sugar from Thailand and sometimes from the USA as well. Among different types of cane sugar we supply include White/Refined ICUMSA 45, Brown Sugar ICUMSA 42, White/Crystal ICUMSA 150, Raw Brown ICUMSA 600-1200 and others. Please, contact us today for quotes, specifications, prices, payment terms and more.

Use and benefit of  Cane Sugar

As a bulking agent – sugar contributes to the texture of food, such as in meringue and biscuits. This is an important role of sugar in most baking applications. As a preservative – sugar helps to prevent or slow the growth of bacteria, moulds and yeast in jams and other preserves.

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