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Beet Sugar

Beet Sugar

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What is  Refined Sugar Icumsa 45
Beet sugar is a sweet-flavoured substance often used as food. It is obtained from beet roots. Containing 99.9% of pure sucrose, it is a good substitute for cane sugar. It can be used in a variety of recipes with great success.

There are many varieties of beet in the world. But when it comes to production of sugar, the main selection criteria are the root yield, sugar yield, purity juices, resistance to diseases (such as Rhizomania and black scurf) and tolerance to nematodes, long and slender very tiny or microscopic animals that feed on plant tissue. Another important criterion is the resistance to bolting.

Beets are cultivated mostly for the production of sugar, and secondarily for alcohol and fuel ethanol. Its by-products are molasses, which still contains 50% sugar used as palatable food for animals; beet pulp, residue of the extraction of sugar is generally dried for the same purpose; and crowns and leaves which are used for animal feed or are returned to the soil. The molasses is also used in the production of baker's yeast.

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POLARIZATION: 99.80 Degrees min.
ASH CONTENT: 0.04 Max.
SOLUBILITY: 100% Dry and Free Flowing
COLOR: Sparkling White. Maximum 45 Icumsa attenuation index units
RADIATION: Within internationally accepted limits.
GRANULATION: Fine to Medium
MOISTURE: 0.4% Max.
SO2: 70 Mg/k
ASH BY ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY: 0.04% Max. [on dry weight basis]
SULPHUR DIOXIDE: 20 mg/kg Min.
SMELL: Free of any Smell
REDUCING SUGAR: 0.05% Max. by weight.
MAX AS: 1 P.P.M.
MAX PS: 2 P.P.M.
MAX CU: 3 P.P.M.
SUBSTANCE: Solid Crystal

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