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Zippo lighter Fluid 125ml

Zippo lighter Fluid 125ml

Categories: Bic Lighters

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Zippo lighter Fluid wholesale suppliers 

Explore our range of ZIPPO LIGHTER FLUID 125ml and 355ml

Zippo lighter Fluid to keep your Zippo windproof lighter and Zippo refillable hand warmer in top-notch condition.

Each can contains 4 oz of lighter fluid, ensuring fast ignition, low odor, and clean burning.

Made in the USA, this fluid is recommended for the optimal performance of Zippo windproof lighters and refillable hand warmers. Please note that it is specifically for Zippo windproof lighters and should not be used with the Multi-Purpose Lighter, Flex Neck, Candle Lighter, or Outdoor Utility Lighter.

For Zippo lighter Fluid wholesale inquiries and further details, feel free to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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