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Used truck Tires

Used truck Tires

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Used truck Tyres wholesale

Used truck Tyres wholesale. Nasta Tradings GmbH began as a wholesaler for most of the used tire shops in the Germany. We offer the same great quality and prices directly to you at wholesales prices. 

We carry virtually all makes and models of used tires and our inventory changes daily. Very rarely is there a tire we don't stock. All our tires have a 70% tread life or better, and it isn’t uncommon for our customers to leave with a set of tires that have 95% tread life.

8.25R16LT __________ 500 Pcs
11R22.5 _____________ 272 Pcs
11R24.5______________ 248 Pcs
12R22.5 _____________ 238 Pcs
13R22.5 _____________ 205 Pcs

215/75R17.5 _______ 650 Pcs
225/70R19.5________ 516 Pcs
235/75R17.5_________ 650 Pcs
255/70R22.5 _________ 350 Pcs
285/75R24.5 _________ 260 Pcs

295/75R22.5 _________ 272 Pcs
295/80R22.5 _________ 268 Pcs
315/80R22.5 _________ 218 Pcs
385/55R22.5_________ 196 Pcs
385/65R22.5 _________ 192 Pcs

7.00R16LT ________ 767 Set
7.50R16LT ________ 676 Set
9.5R17.5 __________ 570 Set
9.00R20 __________ 320 Set
10.00R20 __________ 273 Set
11.00R20 __________ 238 Set
12.00R20 __________ 205 Set
12.00R24 _________ 192 Set

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