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Jacob's Coffee

Jacob's Coffee

Categories: Tea and Coffee

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What's  Jacobs Kronung coffee

 Jacobs Kronung is the best of JACOBS Coffee. The finest coffee that's premium roasted with the JACOBS Aroma. High quality coffee beans are selected from the best regions blended to compose this fine coffee. ... The special taste and aroma of Jacobs coffee brand today carries the inspiration of its creator Johann Jacobs 

Where to buy Jacobs Kronung coffee at wholsale price

we do supply Jacobs Kronung coffee at very wholesale price based on our clients requirement. Do get back with us with your specific inquiry 

Buy Jacobs Kronung coffee at wholesale price


Packaging and shipping of Jacobs Kronung coffee

Item:  jacobs kronung ground coffee

ean code: 4000508076688

logistic: 12pcs /crtn; 133cartons on pallet
full truck: 33 pallets
container '20ft: 22 pallets

66 pallets (360 packs of 1000gr per pallet) of jacobs

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