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Guinness West Indies Porter 8x 500ml

Guinness West Indies Porter 8x 500ml

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GUINNESS’ commitment to quality traces back to the 1800s, navigating the challenge of preserving beer freshness during lengthy sea voyages. To ensure optimal quality upon arrival, GUINNESS brewers crafted a porter with heightened hops and gravity. The successful recipe quickly journeyed to diverse countries, including the Caribbean, America, Africa, and South East Asia. Its forerunner, GUINNESS FOREIGN EXTRA STOUT, remains a staple in those regions. Inspired by an 1801 entry in GUINNESS’ brewers’ diaries, the contemporary GUINNESS WEST INDIES PORTER pays homage to the initial beer intentionally brewed at St. James’s Gate for enduring freshness during shipping. This beer boasts a complex, yet mellow profile, with hoppy notes and hints of toffee and chocolate.

Guinness West Indies Porter Beer | 6% vol | 8 x 500ml | Mellow & Complex | Hoppy | Notes of Toffee & Chocolate | Porter with More Hops & Higher Gravity | Brewed in Ireland

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Flavour Name: Guinness West Indies Porter
Size Name: 500 ml (Pack of 8)
Brand: Guinness
Alcohol Type: Beer
Flavour: Guinness West Indies Porter
Unit Count: 4000.0 millilitre

About This Item
Alcohol Content: 6.0 percent_by_volume
Item Display Volume: 4000.0 milliliters
Mellow, rich-bodied & complex with notes of toffee and hops.
Pack of 8
Brewed in Ireland

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