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Gerber Good Start Gentle Stage 1 Infant Baby Formula Poweder 12.7 oz

Gerber Good Start Gentle Stage 1 Infant Baby Formula Poweder 12.7 oz

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Buy Gerber Good Start Baby Formula in Bulk from Trusted Wholesale Suppliers

Experience the GentlePro Formula, Advanced Complete Nutrition with Gerber Good Start Baby Formula, available from reliable wholesale suppliers. This formula is meticulously crafted with a blend of ingredients to support the baby's digestive and immune systems. It features easy-to-digest proteins that are gentle on tiny tummies, along with Probiotic B. lactis to promote digestive health.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-digest proteins for tiny tummies
  • Probiotic B. lactis for digestive health support
  • 2'-FL HMO*, a prebiotic similar to that found in breastmilk (*Human Milk Oligosaccharide, not from human milk)
  • Modeled after the complete nutrition and gentleness of breastmilk
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Infant formula with iron

About Gerber Good Start Baby Formula: Gerber® Good Start® GentlePro formula stands out as the first and only infant formula with 2'-FL HMO* and Probiotics designed to promote soft stools. Carefully selected probiotics, akin to those found in breastmilk, enhance the good bacteria in tummies. This formula is crafted to be the closest to breastmilk, ensuring the optimal nutrition and gentleness your baby deserves.

Directions for Preparation and Use: Use Gerber Good Start Baby Formula as directed by a doctor. Ensure your baby's health by closely following the preparation, use, and storage instructions provided. Powdered infant formulas are not sterile and should not be given to premature infants or those with potential immune problems unless directed and supervised by your baby's doctor.

Always prioritize hygiene:

  1. Wash hands and utensils before preparing formula.
  2. Sterilization or boiling of tap or bottled water and sterilization of utensils is recommended.
  3. If boiling water, bring it to a rolling boil for 1 minute and allow it to cool to room temperature before preparing formula.

Why Choose Gerber Good Start Baby Formula? Gerber Good Start Baby Formula is a reliable choice for providing essential nutrition and promoting digestive health in infants. Crafted with care, it offers the closest resemblance to breastmilk for your baby's well-being.

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