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Aluminum Telic Scraps

Aluminum Telic Scraps

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Aluminum Telic Scraps wholesale

Discover the best in Aluminum Telic Scraps with our dedicated wholesale supply services.

We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of aluminum scraps, including ALUMINUM SCRAP 6063, ALUMINUM WHEEL SCRAP, and ALUMINUM WIRE SCRAP. With an aluminum content of 99.7% minimum, our scraps find versatile applications, making them ideal for various industrial processes.

Key Features:

  1. Melting Applications: Our Aluminum Scraps are primarily used for melting ingots, ensuring a fast and energy-efficient process.
  2. Industrial Waste Production: These scraps are a byproduct of industrial waste production, including Scrap Aluminum Wire, Scrap Aluminum block, and more.
  3. Alloy Production: Suitable for aluminum alloy production, steelmaking, and coatings with no high requirements, making them versatile in various industries, including fireworks production.

As leading suppliers in the market, we specialize in the supply of Aluminum UBC, Aluminium Ingot, Zinc Ingot, Copper Cathode, Copper Rod, Copper Wire, Aluminum scrap, Zinc Ingot, and other Metal scrap. Our commitment extends to providing top-quality Metal Scrap/Aluminum Scrap, recycled to produce pure copper products and equipment.

ALUMINIUM SCRAP TELIC AS PER ISRI (CHIPS & TURNINGS) comes with a guarantee of 100% cleanliness, with a minimal 1 to 2% attachment and moisture. Packed in convenient Jumbo Bags and Soft Bales, this grade of Aluminum Scrap conforms to ISRI standards, specifically the 6000 series. With a monthly availability of 150MT, our Aluminum Telic Scraps are ready to meet your wholesale requirements.

Choose us as your trusted wholesale supplier for Aluminum Telic Scraps and experience the perfect blend of quality, reliability, and sustainability.

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